It’s one of the most popular questions we are asked at Grigio Floors. Which is better when comparing oiled vs lacquered wood flooring? No single answer can be given as it all depends on your own preferences. To help you choose, we will take a detailed look into the pros and cons of both floorings.


Traditionally, oiled wood floors were matt finish and lacquered wood flooring was a glossy finish. Today, technology has moved on. An oiled floor can have a higher shine rate and look exactly like a lacquered. Lacquered can have a low shine matt finish and appear oiled.


Usually, there is a small price difference when comparing a lacquered wood floor to an oiled wood floor. On average, oils are more expensive to produce than lacquers. 


In order to clean and protect oiled floors, you often need to use special products, which are expensive. In comparison, lacquered wood floor is easy to maintain. You only need some water and a flat mop.


When comparing oiled wood flooring to lacquered, performance is a key characteristic. The following points are worth noting:

  • Lacquered lasts the longest (10-20 years). An oil surface will wear off much quicker but can be refinished easier – if the floor is seriously scratched or damaged, you only need to use abrasive paper to sand the floor and apply the oil again. This helps save time and money, as you don’t need to sand the entire floor. While with lacquered floors you would have to sand the entire floor surface in the case where only some areas are damaged or scratched. 
  • Matt finishes are easier to stain and can be less resistant to water – it can eventually lift oil out of a floor. Lacquered performs best against surface moisture.
  • Scratches show up easier on reflective higher gloss finishes – lacquered, and harder to see on low gloss finishes – oiled.

Weighing up pros and cons

You need to decide what is more important for you: oiled floor which is pleasant to the touch, looks nice but requires more effort, or lacquered floor which is easy to maintain. One thing is certain – it doesn’t matter which option you have chosen, as these are both wooden floors and you will be able to admire them every day.

For advice about the best wood flooring for your home feel free to contact Grigio Floors team at any time!