Hardwood flooring is an investment and you want to make sure that you are happy with the choice you make. One of the options you will have when it comes to the wood you choose is the color you want it to be. There are many different color options and you may feel overwhelmed by all of them. Interior decorators and architects study long and hard to master the art of color matching. So, it’s completely normal if you are baffled by the endless possibilities. However, Grigio Floors team is happy to help you and offer you a few basic tips.

Keep in mind is the color of your furniture and decorations: you do not want the color of your wood floors to match the color of your furniture and décor. Matching everything will make the room look cluttered, so you should go for colors that contrast with each other.

Think about the room size: the color of your floor will always have a major impact on the feeling of space you get in a room. Install light colors in small rooms as it will make space seem open and airy. Use dark colors for larger and wider rooms as these colors tend to make them seem smaller and make rooms a lot cozier.

Consider the sunlight: natural light can change the appearance of wood flooring throughout the day. If you’re installing wood in a room with a lot of sunlight, it will look different in the daytime than it will at night. UV rays can also damage the wood over time. In some woods, it will bleach it while it can darken others. Make sure you ask our flooring specialist how sunlight will affect your wood.

Take samples home: the only way you’ll know if you like a color or don’t — is to take a sample home. Put them near your furniture so you can picture how it will look with your decor. Also, move them closer to windows so you would get an idea of how the sunlight affects the wood’s color throughout the day.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right color for your hardwood flooring, consider the tips above, and always choose something you are happy with. If you need help making a choice or you would like to see some hardwood flooring samples, contact Grigio Floors now.