About Us


Find inspiration in nature

Welcome to a space where nature and technology are combined in perfect harmony, leading to the most aesthetic, authentic, long-lasting and top-quality results.

Every living space starts with four walls, a ceiling, and a floor. At Grigio, our passion is the latter – we believe that the right flooring can turn any home or workspace into a place one would always want to come back to. Our aim is to make your new or existing home both comfortable and elegant, cozy and functional, and as personalized as you can get.

Grigio’s team consists of skillful professionals with 15 years of experience in the sector of woodwork and interior design. Throughout these years of working with very diverse projects and the widest range of different spaces, we know how to apply our knowledge and craftsmanship to achieve the best results. Coupled with that, our business has a customer-based approach: our first aspiration is to offer each client exactly what they want.

Finding inspiration in nature, Grigio carefully selects the best-quality natural-looking wood to be chosen according to your needs. However, we believe that technology and nature are no enemies – our factory uses the latest.

Grigio is not only a factory though: we have a taste for aesthetics and like to explore and experiment. Our carefully selected color palette is constantly updated, making sure each client can find a shade to their liking.

Lastly, our company is always looking for partners! Please do not hesitate to get in touch – together we can create something extraordinary!


We installed new flooring in our living room with Grigio and had a perfect experience. The advisors did a great job advising us on the type of wood selection, answered all our questions, and responded to our emails with remarkable promptness. Amazing service, exceptionally speedy work and superb results! Highly recommended.


Grigio is an absolute pleasure to work with. I renovated the flooring of my whole apartment and couldn’t have wished for a better outcome. The workers were especially patient and attentive in helping me choose the right colour, as the light in my flat is quite tricky and I wanted to be sure it would look good with my furniture at any time of the day. What can I say, the collaborative process was impeccable! I would surely choose Grigio again for any future renovations.


Since I had previously had some rather unsatisfactory experiences with flooring companies, I was cautious in choosing the right next partner to work with. I own several studio flats and all of them have very specific atmospheres. After renovating one of them with Grigio, I had no further doubts whom to choose for the rest. The whole team is super professional and did a faultless job. I was particularly pleased with how they advised me while also leaving space for my own insights and ideas. 10/10!