SpecieDeep Smoked Oak
Top LayerOak
BackingBirch plywood
Edge profile4 side bevel
Surface FinishLacquered
Surface StructureBrushed, Stained

TYPEGRADESIZE (width x thick x length)CODE
PlankMix (Natur + Character)*12.6 x 155 x 1200-1500GR0185
Character13 x 180 x 1800-2200GR0186
Natur13 x 180 x 1800-2200GR0187
HerringboneNatur11 x 70 x 490GR0188
Character13 x 100 x 600 GR0189
Natur13 x 100 x 600 GR0190
ChevronCharacter13 x 100 x 600GR0191
Natur13 x 100 x 600GR0192

*Product on request only

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